We seek to raise the profile of Anarchist ideals and initiatives in Eugene, OR and the surrounding areas. Eugene was once called the “Anarchist Capital of America”, and we’d like to see that tag-line really start to be true. Despite having a high concentration of Anarchists-per-capita, the Anarchist movement here is pretty weak. Anarchists haven’t made the front page of the local papers, launched exciting initiatives, or done really anything interesting here for some years. Searching “Eugene Anarchists” doesn’t bring up much recent stuff after about 1995, so yeah, it’s time to get our act together. We’re a piece of that puzzle, so get out there, get connected, and get organized!

Just because somebody posted something on this site doesn’t mean we endorse it. We act as an open forum, especially when it comes to comments. Our goal is to cover any news related to or of interest to Anarchists, regardless of whether we like it or not.