Note: Not all of these links are for explicitly Anarchist organizations, though some share common goals and ideas as Anarchists so they get an honorary mention. Some of these aren’t in Eugene, but real close, so they count too.

News and Publications:

Grey Coast Anarchist News (Reports on Anarchist happenings in the Northwest in General)

Siren Magazine (University of Oregon Feminist Magazine)

Disorientation Handbook (University of Oregon 2013. Anybody have a more recent version?)

Anarres Project (Anarchist-inspired press? Journal? Lots of words.)


Legal and Know Your Rights

Civil Liberties Defense Center (“Know Your Rights” resources and legal representation)

Portland Anarchist Black Cross (Supporting Anarchist and other political prisoners)

National Lawyers Guild Eugene Chapter (Know your rights, legal observer training, etc. Facebook link.)


Labor Organizations

Corvallis IWW (Facebook link ugh. Revolutionary worker union) and Eugene/Portland Chapters


Anti-Fascist Organizing

University of Oregon Anti-Fascist Collective (Facebook link).


Miscellaneous Stuff

Eugene Food Not Bombs (Group which serves food to hungry people as some form of agit-prop. They have Anarchist ethos. Allegedly they’re very useful for the revolution. They don’t have a real website, so here’s their Facebook.)

The Boreal (Anarchist-inspired all-ages/music/event space. They also run an infoshop which is open basically never, maybe you can do something about that. They have some good shows though.)

Mapping Out Power

Who really holds power in Eugene? Springfield? Is it the City Council? The downtown businesses? Find out at our Eugene Power Mapping intro.


These are some things we could really use in this city, so if you’re fresh out of ideas for what Anarchist organizing needs to be done here, we’re here to help!

  • Start a Copwatch program
  • Push back against the City of Eugene efforts to criminalize the homeless
  • Start a monthly Anarchist spokescouncil where we can all get together, say what we’re working on, and solicit feedback, ideas, and participation from others
  • Write articles and analysis for this site
  • Design flyers for this site so people can find out about it. Spend an hour posting flyers we already have available online for you.
  • Open a resource-sharing institution like a free store, community tool borrowing, etc.
  • Figure out how to clothe, feed, or house large amounts of people in this area
  • Update and edit Wikipedia entries, particularly the one about the Eugene Police Department and the City of Eugene.
  • Find ways to put Anarchists back on the map and in the news here. Check out the local papers for ideas on what to destroy or create!

Let Us Know

Know other things that should be on this list? Contact info{at} to let us know!