City of Eugene Continues Crusade Against Homeless (Dog Ban)

Photo from the Register Guard
Photo from the Register Guard

The City of Eugene is continuing it’s crusade of harassing and trying to kick the homeless out from the downtown area. Starting in April and up for renewal in November is their new ban of dogs in the downtown core. While the proponents of this bill have claimed that it’s being passed because of dangerous dogs being downtown and biting people, we are all smart enough to know that is clearly not the reason. The bill carved out a narrow exemption for people who live downtown, which is silly, because people who don’t look homeless would never be asked “papers please”, but it certainly sets a scary precedent for the many homeless people currently depending on resources in the downtown area.

Another similar bill to ban smoking downtown failed to pass, but we can certainly expect more bills like these targeted at the homeless in the coming year. While the City is busy trying to find technically legal ways to arrest, harass, and kick the homeless out of downtown, let’s get organized against these efforts and work on solving the true cause of homelessness: an opportunistic economy and placing private property rights above all else.

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