Got a few hours to kill? Put some of these flyers up around town to promote Anarchism and Anarchist projects in the area.

Note: These flyers are 8.5×11, some have bleed marks (the space and lines outside of the flyer). If you get these printed professionally, you’ll probably need to include these lines. Otherwise, just crop them out with Photoshop, GIMP (free), or whatever you have at your disposal before printing or you’ll have some awkward whitespace around the flyer. Here’s a free online PDF to JPG converter if you’re really that basic.

Eugene Anarchist Are Back Flyer  Anarchist Flyer Celebrate Humanity With us Fuck Eugene City Council Flyer Have You Seen Me Flyer Everybody should eat flyer The Anarchist in Eugene are Back Flyer The Anarchists are Back Santa Flyer

Flyers Without Bleed Lines

We’ve made some versions of our popular flyers without bleed lines. Just print on any printer and select “fit” or “scale” to page. These also look alright in b+w so any printer/copier should do.

Eugene anarchist flyer Eugene anarchist flyer Eugene anarchist flyer Eugene anarchist flyer


Part of another local project that would like to have your flyers listed here? Let us know at info{at}