Millions of pages and books have been written about Anarchism and the ideals it espouses, we aren’t going to attempt to encapsulate them all here, but we’re happy to point you to some very well thought out and written guides to Anarchist ideas and practice.

In general, Anarchists seek a world free of police, the capitalist economy, sexism, racism, classism, and all other forms of hierarchical coercion and domination. We seek to build social structures that reward the best in humanity: our compassion, our cooperation, and our creativity. Our current social and economic structures reward greed, carelessness towards others, lack of concern for the environment, and a laundry list of other awful things we could go on about for pages. There are enough houses to have a home for everybody and enough food to have 3 square meals a day for every person. But those important resources don’t get to those people. We seek to build a world where they do.

It doesn’t take long once you start looking for it, Anarchist ideals are everywhere, especially on the internet. Sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and peer-to-peer file sharing sites all have some Anarchist principles at their core, and so do organizations like Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross. Anarchist mutual aid projects commonly step in during crises like Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Here’s some resources to get you introduced to Anarchist ideas. Once you’ve read them, think about how they apply in your life and the places/things you interact with!

Got Questions? Head to Anarchy101. Reddit user? Check out Reddit’s version of Anarchy 101.